Test Your Property for Treacherous Gases

Schedule a Radon Test for your Fayetteville, GA & Metro Atlanta Home or Business

According to the CDC, radon gas is one of the leading causes of lung cancer in the US. It is an odorless, tasteless gas that is naturally occurring in soil and rock. If you’d like to know if there are high levels of radon in your Fayetteville, GA and Metro Atlanta home or business, refer to All-Metro Inspection Services, LLC. 

Call us at 470-279-1075 to learn more about how radon can affect your home or business.

4 ways Radon can get into your Home

Radon in its natural form is a gaseous element, and it can find many avenues into your property, including:





          Gaps in suspended floors and around service pipes

                 Cracks in solid floors and walls

                           Cavities behind walls

                                   Construction joints





Work with All-Metro Inspection Services, LLC to determine if there are high amounts of radon in your home or business.

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