Is Your Property Harboring an Unwelcome Guest?

Complete a Mold Inspection in Fayetteville, GA and Metro Atlanta

Mold is a sneaky organism that can start growing and spreading as soon as it finds the right conditions. Parts of your Fayetteville, GA and Metro Atlanta home could be providing the perfect environment for the growth of mold, and All-Metro Inspection Services, LLC can help you find them. We’ll search for mold-prone environments, test to see if mold is present and test the quality of your air.

Contact us at 470-279-1075 to schedule a mold inspection and test.


Confront the Mold in your space

If you’re concerned that mold may be affecting your quality of life, you can count on us to complete a mold inspection or test. We’ll determine if there’s mold growing in any part of your property, from the exterior structure to the pipes under your cabinets. We’ll inspect and report on:


                        Moisture Intrusion

                        Water Damage

                        Musty Odors

                        Apparent Mold Growth

                        Conditions That Support Mold Growth

                        Humidity and Temperature






Consult with All-Metro Inspection Services, LLC about your mold-related concerns.



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